Audio LED Cube 3x3x3




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A classic 3x3x3 LED cube powered by a PIC 16F84A running at 4 MHz with built-in MUSIC BEAT DETECTION!

LED cubes are great on their own however I decided to spice it up this one with music beat synchronization. The actual beat detection is done in hardware by an onboard amplifier and a microphone. On each music beat the microcontroller randomly selects a LED animation pattern which is shown on the 3x3x3 LED grid. Since the limited number of GPIOs (only 13 lines) the led pattern is show on layer at a time using 100Hz multiplexing. PWM modulation is also used to change the led brighness.

You can even change the ledcube displayed pattern by clapping your hands

Want to buy one? Please let me know at



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